Women's Ministry

Our women’s ministries and programs provide a variety of settings in which women are able to connect with others. There are midsize and small group Bible studies, fellowship activities for fun and edification in formal as well as informal settings, many opportunities to support one another in prayer, and events designed to reach out to others in the love of Christ.

Here are a few of the events that the Women’s Ministry has:

  • Dinners For 8 – A ladies dinner on the 5th Thursday of the month. A hostess contacts guests to let them know what to bring.
  • Getting to Know You – Regular attending women fill out a questionare and are featured on a bulletin board. A great way to get to know the ladies of the church.
  • Secret Sister – A group of ladies who have committed to encouraging one another on a regular basis. Throughout the year each one regularly sends cards or letters of encouragement to that person , buys small gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. all the while keeping her identity a secret. The following June or July when they meet to get a new “secret sister” they also reveal themselves to the previous one.
  • Scrapbooking – Ladies meet the second Monday evening of each month in the rear foyer of the church for scrapbooking. An “ALL DAY CROP & CRAFT” is held every four months where ladies are invited to bring their scrapbooking and any other crafts (like stamping, quilting, etc) for the whole day.
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