worship team
Pastor Ethan 1

The Worship Team is a multi-instrument, multi-voice worship band that leads the 11:00AM Modern Worship Service on Sunday mornings. Our goal is to give God our best in our attitude and quality, so that we don’t become a distraction while leading people to experience the presence of God through music. The Team currently includes , acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, piano, drums, flute, and four part vocals. We rehearse for two hours weekly and openings are based upon availability.


Volunteering – Our worship ministries depend on volunteers who are gifted as vocalists and instrumentalists, or have organization or technical skills that can be used in our worship of God. If you are interested in serving the Lord in our worship ministries, please contact Pastor Ethan at ethan@calvarybibleonline.org for details or fill out the volunteer survey found at the link below.