Scott Gemberling


Scott came to the Lord on Easter 1981 by the faithful guidance of his parents and grandparents. After that time, he became involved with First Baptist Church by being a choir member, Deacon, Sunday School Superintendent and Church Treasurer.

After receiving his BS degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Penn State, Scott has been working in the Lewistown area for the last 25 years as an electrical engineer for C-COR, Preshutti & Associates and Krautkramer/Agfa/GE.

Scott came to Calvary Bible Church in 2010 and has been active in the choir, food ministry, counting, technology and life group.

Scott & Amy


Scott has attended Calvary Bible Church all 54 years of his life. His parents were founding members of the church and his mother led him to the Lord when he was five years old.

Scott met Amy in Youth Group at Calvary and they were married in 1989. They have four children, Annie, Samuel, Mollie and Sadie.

They have been involved in several ministries over the years including: nursery workers, children's church workers, youth leaders, ABF leaders, Bible study leaders, the Director of Building and Maintenance and custodians for a short time.

Amy is a homemaker and Scott has been employed by Penelec as a lineman since 1993.



Kelley graduated from Lewistown High School in 1978. He then attended Grove City College, played football for GCC and finished the requirements for a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, graduating from GCC in 1982.

Kelley got saved in 1980, through the prayers and actions of his parents. He met Debbie in church in Lewistown and he knew she was the one. They were married in 1982, after graduation from GCC.

Kelley and Debbie have 3 children, Chris, Abi and Mandi. All the children are married. Chris to Kate, Abi to Jared, and Mandi to Luis. We have 6 beautiful grandchildren.

After Kelley and Debbie were married, Kelley went to work for Westinghouse. He worked in Las Vegas, Nevada; Vallejo, California and Baltimore, Maryland. After 9 years, we moved back to PA, Lewistown and worked for Krautkramer, Agfa and GE, for 24 years.

We have been active in all the churches they have attended, from nursery duty to teaching to deacon to elder. We continue to serve as the Lord enables. All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.



Phil and Arlene have been serving the Lord together at Calvary Bible since 1996. The are involved mostly with the teaching ministries. Phil has served as a deacon and now is serving as an elder.